System Requirements


Client Part.

Type / frequency of the processor   

Not less than Celeron 1.7 GHz

Operating memory                           

256 Mb RAM minimum

Operating system

Windows 7 / Vista SP1 / XP SP3 / 2008 / 2003 SP2

Free space on hard drive

300 Mb

! For normal operation of the system on FireBird databases and Microsoft Office (optional, for exporting reports) must be installed on a computer.

Server Part




Type / frequency of the processor

No less then Celeron 1.7 GHz

Pentium IV 2.2 GHz

Operating memory

512 Mb RAM

2 Gb RAM

Operating system



Free space on hard drive

from 80 Mb (for empty database)

Network connection

10 Mb/sec.

100 Mb/sec.

* Recommended system requirements are for a typical office configuration for five workplaces.



Комплексная система автоматизации для торговли и производства.

On-line доступ

Описание (pdf)

Цены на модули

Бесплатная версия (торговля, производство, бухгалтерия, CRM)


Настраиваемая система для автоматической синхронизации (репликации) данных.


Цена на Трансферт

Бесплатная версия Трансферт

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