CRAFT Fitness club system installed in "Happy Fitness" fitness-club (Saint Petersburg)


CRAFT Fitness system installed and successfully implemented in "Happy Fitness" fitness-club in Saint Petersburg. "Happy Fitness" - is a club with unigue concept: it is a first fitness club with high oxigen concentration in the atmosphere! Happy Fitness has only professional training machines from the leading world vendors. Fitness-club offers a gym area, baths, finnish sauna, solarium.
Group programs: Cross Fit, TBW, Step, Tabata, Basic Step, FT (Functional Training), BOSUTraining, Tae-bo, Circle Training, Bums+Flex, BUMS+ABS, ABS+Flex, Upper Body, Pump, BodySculpt (Power Body). Dancing: Go-Go, MTV dance, Strip Dance, Zumba, Latina, Dance mix, Dance step. Mind & body: Flex, Pilates, Stretching, Yoga.
CRAFT-Fitness automates all business processes in a fitness center, starting from clients registration at reception and including managing timetable schedule, tracking clients base, managing contracts, selling services and goods, medical cabinet operations. Implementation of CRAFT-Fitness system helpes to to optimize all business processes, to ensure full control on clients debts, to increase business effectiveness.
Nearest plans: to start on-line Web schedule for clients and using mobile application CRAFT-Club.



Комплексная система автоматизации для торговли и производства.

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Настраиваемая система для автоматической синхронизации (репликации) данных.


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