On November 24-28 2016 the Binom Soft company took part in 14th international exhibition "MIOFF-2016"


On November 24-28 2016 the 14th international conference"MIOFF-2016" in Moscow took place (http://mioff.ru/). MIOFF — is the biggest show demonstrating the wide spectrum of fitness equipment, services and goods. The software vendors for fitness industry are traditionally presented at this exhibition. In this year the Binom Soft company presented its management system for fitness and welness business - CRAFT-Fitness, which already got a success on the market of information systems for fitness. CRAFT-Fiitness offers powerful functionality, modern user interface, high speed, automation of all business processes, maximum flexibility, as well as optimal price-quality ratio. Thanks to Binom Soft taking part in MIOFF-2016, the visitors could learn more about new features in CRAFT-Fitness (CRM module, on-line timetable, mobile application), discuss existing challenges in their work with business consultant from Binom Soft company and see how CRAFT-Fitness may help in resolving those problems.
Alos, the visitors could become acquainted with the new module in CRAFT ERP system - SPA-saloon.
This solution allows to automate the business processes of SPA-centers, Welness centers and Beauty studios. The solution can be used together with the CRAFT-Trade module, which allows to keep records on materials and goods on the warehouse, consider the consumption of materials during provisioning of services. This module is also tightly integrates with CRAFT-Fitness, which may help to extend the assortment of services of fitness-venters.



Комплексная система автоматизации для торговли и производства.

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Бесплатная версия (торговля, производство, бухгалтерия, CRM)


Настраиваемая система для автоматической синхронизации (репликации) данных.


Бесплатная версия Трансферт

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