Data navigation


The Data menu is assigned to work with any data in the program. The most frequently used menu items have icons that are put ​​for convenience in the toolbar located under the main menu bar:


When you open any window with the data list, the current line automatically becomes the first line. Movement through the fields of the current line is effected by using the key Tab (forward) or Shift + Tab (backward). Movement along the lines up and down can be done with the help of arrow keys on the keyboard (one line up or down), or by pressing PageUp and PageDown (flipping page). Also, for the line navigation you can use the icons in the toolbar. To go to the first line in the list, you can press Ctrl + Home, and to be at the end of the list, you need to press Ctrl + End. The same effect can be obtained by selecting appropriate icons in the toolbar or the menu "Data" or the shortcut menu.




Комплексная система автоматизации для торговли и производства.

On-line доступ

Описание (pdf)

Бесплатная версия (торговля, производство, бухгалтерия, CRM)


Настраиваемая система для автоматической синхронизации (репликации) данных.


Бесплатная версия Трансферт

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